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Sierra  Jayona

The mine of La Jayona
Ermita del Ara

The Ermita de la Virgen del Ara, a Mudéjar-style hermitage, was built in the late 14th and early 15th centuries.  


The rich colours, exceptional quality and great variation of its paintings means that the Hermitage is today considered the “Sistine Chapel of Lower Extremadura”.


Legend has it that the Moorish King Jayón built the Hermitage and dedicated it to the Virgin Mary for giving him back his sight.

The mine of La Jayona, set amidst the spectacular landscape of the mountains that bear the same name, is one of Extremadura’s four Natural Monuments. 

The mine originally produced iron ore and was abandoned in the 1920s, which allowed nature to creep back in and reclaim its lost territories. This resulted in the creation of a truly magical space that welcomes both daydreamers and adventurers alike.

La Jayona is easily accessed via the so-called “Silver Route”. From the town of Llerena, take the EX200 towards the village of Fuente del Arco.

Before you reach the village, you will come to a crossroads with a sign for Puebla del Maestre, and after five kilometres you will come to a sign for La Ermita de Ara, just two kilometres further on.

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